Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rare Mountain Chickens

I think we've discovered what type of chickens these are! A rare type of mountain chook - they have an uncanny urge to climb. We've found them attempting all types of feats already and they know what their wings are for! They also have the need to nestle and roost in hair! So naturally where do they head for (pardon the pun), yep direct route to Barnet (Barnet Fair, Hair for you non-cockney speakers, not actually Barnet it's a bit far for them to get to and the traffic on the North circular is hell most of the time.)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Little Cluckers, hopefully you'll find this a pleasant and interesting read journalling the progress of a pair of chickens that we have just adopted into the family.

Let's start at the beginning: A long time ago in a backgarden far far away...

As you may or may not know we have previously owned a pair of hens but unfortuantely they are no longer with us due to a local fox (we'll come back to them and the fox issue at a later point, I'm sure). So after missing the ladies (and a right pair of madames they were!), we decided a new pair were needed - we missed their antics and the fresh eggs. This has given me the chance to start a new blog following their lives.

So let's introduce the two little chicks (at the moment we are still not sure if they are hens or roosters, so if you can tell from the pics please comment).

The Dynamic Duo

Did I hear a big aaaahhhh? So there they are, we don't really know much about this pair, as in what types of chooks they are, if they'll lay well, or even their age (we reckon a week or two old).

We are still a little unsure of what to call the lighter little one? So if you've any ideas put it in a comment and we'll do a poll of all suggested names. The darker chick has been named Cleopatra due to the dark eye markings (hopefully it is a hen!).

Chook X Cleopatra lookin' at ya
The Newcomers: The Chook with no name and Cleopatra